Contemplative Tarot Class

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Tarot

 Tarot cards date back to the early 15th century (Renaissance Italy).  Their symbolic iconography dates back further still.  Over time, however, they have come to be associated with fortune-telling and charlatanism.  How did this come about?   This class will offer a hands-on introduction to the historical, aesthetic, psychological, and contemplative aspects of the Tarot.  Everyone is welcome!

Wayne Ferguson, Presenter

Where and When:
Empire Books and News
Pullman Square, Huntington, WV

3:00-5:00pm, Sunday, November 12th, 2017
The class will begin at 3 o’clock sharp…
Attendees are invited to arrive at 2:30pm
to “Meet and Greet” AND to look at sample Tarot books & cards
before and after the presentation…

Advanced registration fee of $12.00 includes a TeenyTinyTarot © “Presentation Pack” of Tarot Trumps and Aces.  Additional study guides and presentation materials will be distributed at the event.
Everyone is welcome! See presentation outline, below…

Note:  To receive a PayPal invoice that will allow you to register online, just click on the image above.  It is not necessary to have a PayPal account in order to complete your registration in this way–just click on the image and follow the instructions.  To register by phone, please contact:

Empire Books and News
30 Pullman Square
Huntington, WV 25701

phone: (304) 529-7323

about the presenter


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