Statement of Purpose

The purpose of AMemoForYou.Com is to pass along a few simple reminders that are conducive to both individual and cultural renewal.  To learn more, please click on each of these quotations and begin sharing them today– by precept and example –with the next generation:

A healthy social and cultural environment is one that, generally speaking, is conducive to the rearing of children who will grow into healthy, wealthy, and wise adults.  The lives of such adults will, in turn, tend to reinforce the type of social and cultural environment in which they were raised so that, ideally, a cycle of healthy and abundant life can continue, from generation to generation.  In contrast to this ideal, however, the dominant social and cultural environment of our time seems to be generating widespread illness, poverty, and folly.  This is terribly unfair to everyone involved, but especially to our children and grandchildren.  Please bookmark these reminders and begin sharing them today…

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